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How To Use These Automotive Book Lists
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This page lists and links to Automotive related books currently available new from Amazon UK, USA, Canada, Germany and France.
It also includes, for each listed book, a link that will search ABE for used copies.The Automotive book titles are listed alphabetically on this page. Each title is linked to individual details page about the book. From these detail pages you can click a button to be taken to either Amazon UK, USA, Canada, Germany or France to confirm price, availability and delivery. Alternatively there is a link where you can read a synopsis and any available reviews of the book first.

Automotive Books
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Automotive News
New cars 'can be broken into in 10 seconds'
What Car? magazine experts say the latest models with keyless entry systems can easily be hijacked.

Vauxhall owner 'could move Astra production from UK'
The move would probably lead to the closure of the site, the FT says, threatening 1,000 jobs.

Nissan to cut 12,500 jobs worldwide
It is unclear where the cuts will fall, but unions are hopeful the Sunderland plant will not be affected.

Volvo recalls 70,000 cars in the UK over fire risk
The car maker says a plastic engine part can in "very rare cases" melt and cause a fire.

Volkswagen and Ford team up on self-driving and electric cars
The two car giants will work together on developing new technologies in an attempt to reduce costs.

Electric Mini production in Cowley to boost UK car industry
Work on the first fully electric Mini will begin in late 2019 at BMW's Cowley plant near Oxford.

Wireless electric car charging gets cash boost
The Department for Transport wants more charge points in the UK but hybrid vehicle sales have fallen.

'Grave concern' as sales of low emission cars fall
Total sales of plug-in and hybrid cars drop for the first time in more than two years, the industry says.

Lee Iacocca, father of the Ford Mustang, dies aged 94
Mr Iacocca, who created the iconic Ford Mustang, is also known for saving Chrysler from bankruptcy.

Ford to cut 12,000 jobs in Europe
The car giant aims to make the cuts by the end of 2020 as it seeks to streamline its operations.

Five reasons the car industry is struggling
Carmakers are facing a range of challenges, from slowing demand in China to stricter rules on emissions.

Fiat Chrysler withdraws bid for Renault
The announcement followed a failed attempt by Renault board members to reach a decision on the offer.

Ford set to close Bridgend engine plant in 2020
Workers are sent home after being told the company plans to close the plant, with the loss of 1,700 jobs.

Jaguar's 50-year old XJ model to be electric-powered
Jaguar's XJ series is to be electric-powered - after 50 years of running on petrol or diesel.

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Automotive Book Titles Beginning With Z

Z: 35 Years of Nissan's Sports Car
Pete Evanow
Hardcover: September, 2005 (Motorbooks International)
£ 16.49 (Usually dispatched within 24 hours)
or search ABE for this book used
Zen Driving
K. T. Berger
Paperback: June, 1988 (Ballantine Books)
£ 7.46 (Usually dispatched within 24 hours)
or search ABE for this book used
Zephyr, Zodiac and Executive Mk.3 and 4, 1962-71 (Brooklands Road Tests)
R.M. Clarke
Paperback: February, 1991 (Brooklands Books Ltd)
£ 10.95 (Usually dispatched within 24 hours)
or search ABE for this book used
Zoom: The Global Race to Fuel the Car of the Future
Iain Carson and Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran
Hardcover: 01 November, 2007 (Little, Brown & Company)
£ 12.56 (Not yet published, but you can preorder it)
or search ABE for this book used
Zora Arkus-Duntov: The Legend Behind Corvette (Chevrolet)
Jerry Burton
Hardcover: June, 2002 (Bentley Publishers)
£ 19.86 (Usually dispatched within 24 hours)
or search ABE for this book used