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New Automotive Books

Our software queries Amazon every night, through a special data interface, for all Automotive books they carry, which is normally many thousands of titles. That software then combs through the data and discards the ones that are not really available right then (Amazon continues to list many books that have become unavailable). The software then lists all available Automotive books on our pages.

Today, we have 7,820 books that you can one-click buy from here, through Amazon.

There are two lists. The one most easily used is a set of 28 pages (one for each letter of the alphabet, a special one for books whose title begins with the word " Automotive"--so the A page doesn't get overloaded--and one for titles that begin with something other than a letter). Books are listed on those pages by the first word of their title, except for titles beginning with A, An, or The, which are listed by their second word.

The second list is a single "master list"--everything on one page--of all of the thousands of "Automotive" books available. Its purpose is to allow you to search in one place for titles containing, but not starting with, some word or phrase, or for particular authors.

A typical entry on one of the alphabetical set of book-title pages might look like this:

A-Z of Grand Prix Cars
David Hodges
Hardcover: 25 June, 2001 (The Crowood Press)
£ 17.50 (Usually dispatched within 4 to 6 weeks)
or search ABE for this book used

It shows the book's title, which is a click-on link; the book's author; the publication date and publisher; the Amazon price to you; current shipping situation and a link to an Abebooks used books search.

Click on the title to see the page (that sample above works). The page you go to will have the information updated the instant you click, so you can be sure the price and availability are correct. Plus it will show an image of the book's cover (if Amazon has an image, which it usually but not always does), and a one-click button that will put the book in your Amazon "Shopping Cart" (or let you create a Cart).
The page will also have a link that lets you view the editorial and reader reviews of the book that Amazon has.

Don't be afraid to add books to your Shopping Cart. You haven't actually bought any books till you go through Amazon's checkout procedure. Till you do, you can add other items to your cart or remove any items already in it (you use Amazon's pages to do those things).

New Books On Other Subjects

This site has a new book-search page for Amazon if you want to find other books not listed here..

Our search facility shows books that are actually available by default, but you can easily change those defaults if you want to see unavailable items (for information purposes) or if you are interested in related books.

Used Books

If, the book you require is not available new then try our used book search page, it searches the listings on Abebooks, a listing service with a really huge number of internet used-book-selling members.

Automotive Information
Aston Martin warns on profits but Rolls-Royce sales surge
The carmaker says profits are set to nearly halve, but luxury rival Rolls-Royce sees record sales.

CES 2020: Sony announces electric car concept
The electronics giant unveiled the "Vision S" vehicle in an unexpected announcement at the tech show.

Carlos Ghosn: Japan presses for ex-Nissan boss's extradition from Lebanon
The ex-Nissan boss reportedly escaped by train before being smuggled to Turkey in a flight case.

New car registrations at lowest level since 2013
It is the third consecutive year of decline, driven by weak confidence and confusion over new rules.

Volkswagen in 'dieselgate' talks with motorists
VW seeks a "pragmatic settlement" with German drivers who are suing it over the emissions scandal.

Tesla delivers its first 'Made in China' cars
The move by the electric car maker comes as the US-China trade war forces firms to rethink supply chains.

VW hit with record fine in Australia over emissions scandal
The fine is to settle lawsuits over the German car giant's global emissions scandal.

Vauxhall union seeks guarantees over car merger
A planned merger of Fiat Chrysler and Vauxhall-owner PSA Group raises concerns about the UK operation.

Rise of SUVs 'makes mockery' of electric car push
Exhaust emissions from new cars have been increasing for the past three years, research suggests.

Lotus Evija: The £2.2m electric hypercar
The Lotus Evija goes into production next year and Click gets a look at what drivers can expect.

Volkswagen: UK drivers fight for 'dieselgate' compensation
Tens of thousands of UK car buyers start a compensation claim over the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide
The German carmaker said the move was necessary to invest in the changeover to electric cars.

Car production 'could plummet in no-deal Brexit'
The UK motor industry's trade body says only an ambitious trade deal can protect jobs.

Audi to cut 9,500 jobs to fund electric car push
The German carmaker wants to make more money available for electric cars and digital working.

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