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New Business Books

Our software queries Amazon every night, through a special data interface, for all business books they carry, which is normally many thousands of titles. That software then combs through the data and discards the ones that are not really available right then (Amazon continues to list many books that have become unavailable). The software then lists all available business books on our pages.

Today, we have 23,544 books that you can one-click buy from here, through Amazon.

There are two lists. The one most easily used is a set of 28 pages (one for each letter of the alphabet, a special one for books whose title begins with the word " Business"--so the B page doesn't get overloaded--and one for titles that begin with something other than a letter). Books are listed on those pages by the first word of their title, except for titles beginning with A, An, or The, which are listed by their second word.

The second list is a single "master list"--everything on one page--of all of the thousands of "Business" books available. Its purpose is to allow you to search in one place for titles containing, but not starting with, some word or phrase, or for particular authors.

A typical entry on one of the alphabetical set of book-title pages might look like this:

Business at the Speed of Thought: Succeeding in the Digital Economy (Penguin Business Library)
Bill Gates
Paperback: 02 May, 2000 (Penguin Books Ltd)
£ 7.69 (Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days)
or search ABE for this book used

It shows the book's title, which is a click-on link; the book's author; the publication date and publisher; the Amazon price to you; current shipping situation and a link to an Abebooks used books search.

Click on the title to see the page (that sample above works). The page you go to will have the information updated the instant you click, so you can be sure the price and availability are correct. Plus it will show an image of the book's cover (if Amazon has an image, which it usually but not always does), and a one-click button that will put the book in your Amazon "Shopping Cart" (or let you create a Cart).
The page will also have a link that lets you view the editorial and reader reviews of the book that Amazon has.

Don't be afraid to add books to your Shopping Cart. You haven't actually bought any books till you go through Amazon's checkout procedure. Till you do, you can add other items to your cart or remove any items already in it (you use Amazon's pages to do those things).

New Books On Other Subjects

This site has a new book-search page for Amazon if you want to find other books not listed here..

Our search facility shows books that are actually available by default, but you can easily change those defaults if you want to see unavailable items (for information purposes) or if you are interested in related books.

Used Books

If, the book you require is not available new then try our used book search page, it searches the listings on Abebooks, a listing service with a really huge number of internet used-book-selling members.

Business Information
Trump tariff deadline looms: 'It's very scary'
US customers could pay billions more for shoes each year if new tariffs on China take effect.

Boeing: US regulator admits 'mistake' over aircraft crashes
Safety regulator allowed the aircraft to continue flying despite its own analysis flagging warnings.

YouTube bans 'malicious insults and veiled threats'
Videos containing insults based on race and sexual orientation will be removed, YouTube says.

Aramco shares jump in world's biggest ever market debut
The Saudi oil giant's share listing comes after months of uncertainty over the initial public offering.

Brexit: Free trade deals 'won't offset leaving EU'
New trade deals won't compensate for the economic damage of leaving the EU, Newsnight analysis finds.

Nintendo Switch goes on sale in China with just one first-party game
Super Smash Bros is the only first-party Nintendo title approved for sale in the country.

Most-viewed mansions of 2019 revealed
Castles and mirrored ceilings attracted clicks among window shoppers on a property website.

'World's first' fully-electric commercial flight takes off
A fully electric seaplane flight has been hailed by operators as the start of a third "aviation era".

Can governments ever run out of money?
In the UK and US, political parties are promising spending splurges. Is more borrowing sensible?

'I won't sleep for over 24 hours on election night'
Many currency traders will be working through the night on 12 December.

France strike: PM Édouard Philippe outlines 'fairer' pension plan
Prime Minister Édouard Philippe outlines controversial plans he says will create a fairer system.

How much do we really know about why we give to charity?
Charity fundraising has become big business – but what’s the best way to encourage donations?

The secrets of 'food porn' viral videos
Is the fashion for filming calorie-saturated food videos encouraging unhealthy eating?

'I slept in a cupboard for three months'
Entrepreneur Mathias Mikkelsen was so desperate to get into a 'hacker house' he slept in a closet.

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