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This page lists and links to Entertainment related books currently available new from Amazon UK, USA, Canada, Germany and France.
It also includes, for each listed book, a link that will search ABE for used copies.The Entertainment book titles are listed alphabetically on this page. Each title is linked to individual details page about the book. From these detail pages you can click a button to be taken to either Amazon UK, USA, Canada, Germany or France to confirm price, availability and delivery. Alternatively there is a link where you can read a synopsis and any available reviews of the book first.

Entertainment Books
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Entertainment News
Jack Whitehall: I asked for the Chuckle Brothers at the Brits
Actor and comedian Jack Whitehall on how he's preparing for British music's biggest presenting gig.

What the Baftas tell us about the Oscar race
Will Three Billboards and The Shape of Water ace it at March's all-important Oscars?

London Fashion Week: What's gone down so far
London Fashion Week is mid-swing, we take a look at the highlights so far...

Jennifer Lawrence quits acting for activism
The Oscar-winning star is taking a year off to get more young people politically engaged.

Sex scene rules would be 'censorship' star says
Andy Serkis responds to proposals being considered to bring in guidelines for the stage and screen.

Dynasty - but with REAL catfights
Sir David Attenborough's next nature series will chart the family dynamics of five different animals.

7 memorable moments from the Baftas
Including Daniel Kaluuya's sweet acceptance speech and Salma Hayek's general brilliance.

The Script shocks buskers with 'random kindness'
Irish band The Script offered two student musicians the chance to play to a 6,000 strong audience.

Nyle DiMarco's tweets spur deaf people to share cinema frustrations
Nyle DiMarco shares his frustrations as a deaf cinema-goer and hits a nerve with others hard of hearing.

Justin Bieber and Jamie Foxx in All-Star game
All the best bits you might have missed from the NBA All-Star Weekend.

The rise of Daniel Kaluuya: From Skins to Oscar nominee
Daniel Kaluuya is Bafta's latest rising star - but how did he get here?

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Entertainment Book Titles Beginning With Entertainment

There are no Entertain* books available whose titles begin with "Entertain*".